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N.I.M. submissions

2015-06-27 08:24:27 by Deflektor

Yo, everyone !

I'm back with two brand new pieces i created for the N.I.M. contest held by RealFaction.

Enjoy !

Still alive !

2015-05-01 19:55:44 by Deflektor

Hello, everybody.

I've been inactive for a good deal of time, but i'm back !

And so, i brought a little something with me, a brand new piece in a whole other style :


Enjoy !

Three new pieces

2013-03-28 17:45:46 by Deflektor

Hi there !

I've made three brand new music pieces, all of them intended for contests held in NG.
For the 8-bit themed contest :

For the NATA music contest :

Enjoy, and don't hesitate to make some comments on my music !

Conqueror of Music

2013-02-03 01:19:46 by Deflektor

Hi there !

I submitted my entry for Bosa's Dreams of Splendor contest.
My entry's titled Conqueror of Music, and was heavily inspired by Takanashi Yasuharu.

Enjoy !

End of the world music

2012-12-13 15:04:54 by Deflektor

Hi there !

My project Tredecim : the 13 cycles of doom is now launched. I will release a new piece each day until the 21st of December.

Slavery :
Curse :
Nightmare :
Agony :
Pain :
Sin :
Decline :
Void :
Fear :
Weakness :
Violence :
Fate :
The End :

Also, i created a Youtube account, also dedicated to my music. For now, there will be nothing new on it, but at a later time, i plan on uploading my video game music remixes on my Youtube. rT5vidg

Project Tredecim

2012-12-01 21:42:31 by Deflektor

Hi there !

I haven't been very active lately, but that will change soon. Indeed, i am preparing a new project, which theme is...

Basically, this project consists of 13 pieces (hence the name Tredecim), telling tales of misfortune.
Note that all the pieces will have another thing in common. They will feature a pan flute, as a tribute to the mayans (see how it's related to the End of the World :p ?)
The first piece will be uploaded the 9th December. And the last one will be uploaded, as you probably guessed it by now... the 21th December 2012.

Stay tuned, and prepare for the end !

Working on VG music remixes

2012-09-16 23:09:02 by Deflektor

Hi, everyone !

Just giving some news, and showing i am still alive.
At the moment, i'm working on video games music remixes. Most of them are from old games, so i am also trying my hands at remixing music from recent games, as well as obscure games.

So, don't expect me to do Mario or Sonic music remixes, 'kay ?

With that said, have a nice day !

Hello, flash creators. Deflektor, at your service.

It's been quite a time since i've first began composing music . And i've realized recently that what began as a simple hobby has now become an ambition and vocation for me. After having created music for a few flash games and video games mods, i decided i would go further into this path, until i become one day, perhaps, a professional music composer.

So here i am, ready to make custom music for your creations, flash creators.
My specialty is videogames/soundtrack music, but i can do various other styles, as well.
Please be aware that i'm only looking for serious projects, ambitious or not.
And at last, and not the least, my services are free to use, as my primary goal at the moment is to make a name for myself.

I plan on creating a Myspace and Youtube account in order to showcase my most recent works. Until then (i'm planning things very carefully), you can still check my NG audio account and make your opinion.

You contact me at or PM.

Warriors of the Portal music

2011-05-03 07:58:29 by Deflektor

Hi there !

I've been getting more and more demands about the music, so i decided to upload it. Just check my audio page.

More to come tomorrow.

The Guardian Chapter 2 Music

2010-12-09 21:51:30 by Deflektor

Hello, everyone !

Now that The Guardian Chapter 2 has been released, i will upload the music i made for the game.
Note that i can only upload two pieces per day, so you will have to wait several for every piece.